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Scott & Kelly Wickam


With a mere handful of lovingly-created custom pieces, Scott and Kelly Wickam opened the doors of Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers in downtown Billings, Montana in 1990. Their mission was to own a jewelry store unlike any other in the region, a “locally owned and operated business that consistently earns the trust of its clients by providing quality jewelry, affordable pricing, and personalized service, that cohesively helps clients celebrate life’s precious moments.” Transforming from a quaint downtown storefront to a remarkable, 7,500 square foot, stand-alone store, they continue to grow their business and have become Montana’s fine jewelry destination for 26 years.


Traveling to jewelry shows across the country, Scott and Kelly work together to select jewelry, timepieces, and designer collections that will exceed client expectations. They use the same philosophy when they visit Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond capital of the world, to meticulously hand-select the highest quality diamonds in order to offer the best value to our Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers’ clients. From innovative, custom creations, to highly sought-after designer brands and luxury timepieces, our owners take great pride in their vast jewelry selection.  


It’s safe to say that Scott and Kelly’s shared passion for uniquely-crafted jewelry, positive customer experiences, and developing a team of jewelry experts, has molded Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers into the largest, most reputable jewelry store in the region. “We’ve devoted our lives to building a successful, family owned and operated business that offers beautiful, fashionable, and yet timeless, heirloom pieces to meet individual tastes and budgets.  It’s our way of helping to celebrate the priceless moments in life, while also providing a memorable shopping experience.”



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