women shopping jewelry

Women are no longer waiting for men to buy them jewelry.

As a little girl about the age of 8, I was given a heirloom by my grandmother. It was a large, 2 inch, ornately engraved silver pendant shaped like a cross. The center stone is a brilliant topez gem beaming with radiant glows of the sun; this is ironically also my birthstone. Not only is it a piece of history, but it was the very first gift that made me feel worth a million bucks! I felt like I had a treasure to protect, periodically taking it out, gently caressing it with my fingertips and proudly holding it up to my neck. I had visions of going to the royal ball wearing a formal dress with the necklace, which of course, would lead me to marry a prince!

After depositing my paycheck from my first “real” job years ago, I treated myself to a pink Morganite necklace I had my eye on! I was mesmerized by the richness of it's pink champagne color bubbling with sparkle. It first caught my eye while visiting our local jewelry store as my friend was trying to find the “perfect” yogo ring for herself. She wanted my attention to help her pick out the perfect Montana gem, but I honestly just kept staring at the gorgeous, glistening pink beauty embraced by a halo of bright diamonds.

morganite pendant

The type of women who reward themselves are usually those who have confidence, financial independence and self esteem. It may be a hand-crafted, custom-made piece lined with diamonds embraced in rose gold or a statement piece from the designers LeVian or John Hardy. By wearing jewelry, she is proudly reflecting what is strengths she is carrying inside.

To this day, I tenderly hold my Grandmother's heirloom which fills the palm of my hand and all of my heart. The dreams are now memories, but I did marry my prince. He wears a cowboy hat instead of a crown! I hope my future granddaughter will feel the same about my morganite necklace when I present it to her; carrying her own sense of royalty and self-worth as every woman should have.

giving necklace