Montana is the Place for the Perfect Proposal

Montana is the Place for the Perfect Proposal

Montana is the Place for the Perfect Proposal


Find a nice smooth lake with crystal clear waters to float your boat in, preferably a nice weekend trip to Yellowstone Park or the Glacier area where there are over 300 pure and majestic lakes to choose from.

You could paddle to a clear spot on the lake beach where someone could have set up rocks or trees branches to spell out “Will you marry me” ahead of time. Have someone video or photograph it, but not to reveal themselves until you actually get down on one knee to show her the sparkle of her lifetime. Have champagne and a picnic basket ready for everyone in your “paddling party”. If in a paddle party, you could set a time to have everyone except the “proposee” row away and then the “proposer” could swing in, take her to the beach spot for that special moment.

Best time:
Afternoon when it is fairly warm and the lakes are usually calm. Be prepared to be flexible on dates due to the weather and wind.


From great views to intimate settings, going on a hike with your partner can provide the perfect backdrop for one of the biggest moments of your life. Montana offers the world's best and renowned trails in the world. Hike 3 miles for an easy trail to a waterfall or make it a 7 mile day trip to explore a hidden lake. With our $500 gift card offer from Scheels, get hiking boots and gear for two and enjoy for many years to come

Have a party hike ahead of you for pics or make it a solitaire moment for just the two of you. Make sure you have your phone or camera charged to take a couple selfie as you'll want to relive that moment and your trip up.

Water is essential so fill bring at least 4 bottles each. If you're out of shape and gasping for air after 15 minutes, proposing at mile .05 is ok. You earned it and can claim it hiking as you have the rest of your life to walk further. (Not that I've been there, or anything). Ask a store professional or hiking expert on the essentials of what you should pack.


Balloon Proposal:
Up, up and away with your romantic proposal. I can't think of a more perfect place than the two of you together alone gazing out into the Crazy or Beartooth Mountains with the lights of Billings shining like jewels below.


Propose while you are at the very top of your journey. Perfect opportunity to be a poet and as corny as you like. A nice serenade would whoo her to pieces! (be sure and record it and send it to us)

Tips: Bring a bottle of wine, picnic basket and a charged camera or phone. Have relatives or a party wait for you at the end so you can share the joy and get more pics. Pop some bubbly and gather hugs!

fly fishing

Fly Fishing:
That's right. Montana at it's absolute finest. Imagine wading in the gentle, glistening river, connecting to nature in such a peaceful trance, you forget all except what surrounds you. If you're not a fly fisherman, don't worry, Goldsmith Gallery jewelers can take care of that! We have the perfect offer...purchase the diamond* and receive a free trip for two from us with On The Fly Guiding. They will provide all the gear, transportation, guide you to the right spot and show you the art of fly fishing. Or, we will give you a $500 gift card to Scheels to purchase everything you need to start a romantic sport the two of you can share for life.

As the Fly Fishing Master shows you a trick or two, ask him to excuse yourselves, propose right then and there with your sexy waders and hers as well. Worth a double selfie or better yet, have the guide take pics.

Stash the ring in a certain place in the tackle box inside another box. Ask her to get the sealed box out of the tackle box and have her bring it to you. Knee time.

Show her how to cast properly, gently lifting her arm from behind, ask for her hand. Slip the ring on. Tips: Bring a picnic, champagne or other beverage.


Oh....this one is fun! Rent a raft and go with a party you gather to the Stillwater or Yellowstone Rivers. Either guided or get yourself a heavy duty raft with our $500 gift card to Scheels. Rafting is a must in Montana!

There are several islands in the middle of the rivers or banks filled with warm soft sand, which ever one you choose would make a great memory. You could dock your raft, spread a comfy blanket out, open your cooler full of yummy goodies and you have a mighty fine river proposal. Add a twist by telling her you see a bear over her shoulder on the other side, then let her know you have bear spray. When she turns around, show her the ring and let her know you're her protector. (Evil, I know) Have your party also dock on the other side of the island/bank to partake and photograph it. This may call for a yogo sapphire ring as it represents faithfulness and loyalty (as well as distinctly from Montana)

Have your phone charged. Put your phone in a waterproof bag along with matches/newspaper in case you want to build a fire and roast S'mores with your goodies. 

We're here to help make the Montana magic happen. We believe in the outdoors and how much it brings happiness to others. Take advantage of our Sportsman Package today by giving us a call for your own personal appointment.

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