new years eve proposal

Did you know New Year's Eve is one of the most common days for a proposal? Why not make your engagement personalized to your relationship? Here are 5 ideas to help spark a conversation of a lifetime:



1. Plan a Getaway

Spend New Year’s Eve on a new adventure, big or small. Drive up to a mountain cabin for the night, dream long into the stars, make a cozy fire with a little bubbly, blanket and bling. (The bling is the ring, of course) Enhance it with a Yogo Sapphire, a rare Montana gem known for faith and fidelity.




2. Ditch the Parties for Romance

Forget the clubs, instead dress up for a nice dinner on New Year's Eve. Go to a fancy steakhouse or posh restaurant. Pics, of course, are a must. Hide the ring in the champagne glass or on top of a nice juicy steak, Montana-style.



3. Make One New Year Plan Official

Book tickets to a concert, a comedy show. Sign up for a marathon or make reservations for a trip. Give yourselves something specific to look forward to doing together—set it in stone. A brilliant one, like the Hearts On Fire known for it's most perfect cut.



4. Host a Game Night

Invite over some friends or duke it out just the two of you. Cozy attire and seasonal cocktails are required.


rock climbing

5. Rent an Activity Space Just Meant for You Both

Is it rockclimbing, horseback riding in an arena, shooting sports, or bowling? Rent a special time and place suited only for the two of you. Decorate beforehand and make it memorable. Customize her ring by adding her favorite gem to it such as a blue sapphire or customize her ring online from the comfort of your home with our exclusive Haylie Ann Collection. Choose the setting, stone size and shape, metal and other elements.