valentines day ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Diamonds Really Are A Girl's Best Friend.

While the original ad agency, DeBeer's, created a long-lived meme about the diamond, truly, it is a gift that tugs the heartstrings. Women treasure the brilliance with faceted beams radiating from every angle. Historically, it took literally a million years from it's coal metamorphosis to become a glorious gemological miracle that we all embrace.

When choosing your perfect, glimmering piece of time, remember there are the four essential Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Each of these factors dictates a diamond’s quality, from how much brilliance it will have when exposed to light to its clarity and level of colorlessness. These factors also play a major role in dictating a diamond’s price.Getting a great deal on diamond jewelry is all about striking the right balance between its quality and its price.



Understand What Your Loved One Likes.

While certain aspects of a diamond’s quality can be judged objectively, there’s also a subjective element to diamond jewelry, meaning something that’s beautiful to one person might not look as good to another. If you’re thinking of buying a diamond ring, bracelet, a pair of earrings or any other jewelry for your loved one on Valentine’s Day, it’s important to know what they like. Other gems such as the rare gem only found in Montana, the Yogo Sapphire, means “faithfulness” and is a big hit among all women including Royalty.morganite

The Morganite, a stunning peach colored and vibrant gem, is also a fascinating piece that many adore. Or, choose a birth stone representing her and/or combined with your children; a lifetime treasure that will be enbraced.

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For Rings, Make Sure You Know Their Size

Valentine’s Day can be a memorable, romantic time to pop the q uestion. To avoid having to resize your ring after buying it, it’s important to know your partner’s ring size before you buy anything. Although we can resize rings to an extent, there are some that we are unable to due to the design of the piece.

Not sure about your partner’s ring size? Here are ways to “discover” her size without spoiling your surprise:

1) Ask her indiscreetly like “your hands are tiny, what size could you possibly be?”

2) Ask her friends or family.

3) “Borrow” her jewelry.

4) Trace one of her rings.

Happy Valentine's Day! May it be filled with love!