Yogo Diamond Engagement Ring

I, like a select few of other lucky women, have an exceptionally gorgeous and unique Yogo engagement ring. It does not shine bright with facets of light like most traditional diamond rings, but instead entrances me to gaze deeper into it's rich, clear blue presence resembling endless sapphire skies, crystalline lakes and my husband's eye color. Never escaping a moment to grasp my attention, this lightweight gem feels like I'm carrying an ocean full of memories and love.

Montana, known as the Treasure State because it is rich in mineral and gemstone sources, is home to the famous Yogo Sapphire. Found exclusively in this state, these rich and brilliant blue gems are the most precious sapphires found in North America and are considered to be among the finest in the world. Yogo sapphires were not initially recognized or valued. While gold was discovered at Yogo Creek in 1866, these "blue pebbles" were noticed by 1878, it was not until 1894 that the gems were recognized as sapphires.Mining began in 1895 after a local rancher named Jake Hoover sent a cigar box of gems he had collected to an assay office, which in turn sent them to Tiffany's in New York, where an appraiser pronounced them "the finest precious gemstones ever found in the United States".

Yogo Sapphires are usually free of inclusions and their color is consistent throughout the whole stone. Unlike heat-treated sapphires where the color is enhanced, these gems are naturally a consistent, cornflower blue color free of other man-made elements. The perfect crystallization of the sapphires during their geologic formation allowed them to have even coloring and very pristine clarity. In fact, heating a Yogo is detrimental to its color, and the intense heat from a jeweler’s torch can lighten and destroy its beautiful, natural color.

With all this in mind, eventually the Yogos will be rare and untouchable. A proposal ring of this caliber not only represents the beauty of her essence, but symbolizes your own unique love and devotion you'll share together for a lifetime.