Custom Jewelry


At Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers we know that owning a piece of fine jewelry isn’t simply about buying an accessory...your jewelry is an expression of you! While you may find the perfect piece in one of our many designer collections, you may want to create a treasure just as unique and one-of-a-kind as you! With the expert help of our in-house, custom design services, your vision can evolve from a mere idea to a wearable piece of jewelry. Whether you envision proposing with an original engagement ring, you're wanting to breathe new life into a cherished heirloom piece, or you have loose stones you are hoping to create a setting for, Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers looks forward to leading you through the design process.


When clients hear the word “custom” a common assumption is that it is more expensive, but custom design can be affordable! We will work with your budget, timeline, and design goals to achieve your dream piece in as little as three weeks. We will partner to create a design and once you’re satisfied with the finalized version, we will take care of the rest! As your piece moves from rendering to reality, our jewelry experts will remain in close contact and keep you well informed throughout the process. Once complete, you’ll be able to hold, wear, and treasure an exquisitely crafted one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry!