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There are few purchases in your life that will be as significant as purchasing an engagement ring or a piece of jewelry to commemorate a special occasion. At Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers, we understand that sometimes the perfect piece of jewelry might be outside of your immediate budget. Because of this, we have teamed up with the largest and most convenient lenders to provide you with the financial resources to make a once in a lifetime purchase with confidence.

At Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers, we offer two third-party financing options with both Wells Fargo and Iddeal. Both options are based on approved credit and offer competitive interest rates, convenient monthly installments, and quick online payments. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the application process which merely requires five to ten minutes, a personal credit card, and a valid driver’s license.

Contact our Customer Service team at Goldsmith Gallery Jewelers to discuss your financing options… the ring of her dreams is more attainable than you think!  

We help you finance your jewelry purchase with

Special Financing Available

Iddeal Credit Card


Budget Friendly Monthly Payments - Fast and Easy Application Process